Live at the Safari Club zine for IT’S NOT DEAD FEST

We are printing up a limited edition zine teaser for the upcoming book. We will be distributing them at the IT’S NOT DEAD fest in San Bernadino Oct. 10th, 2015. For those who can’t make it to SoCal next week, we’ll save a few copies that we can mail out to you. In it will be basically one mini-chapter of the book, some fun pics and contact info if anyone wants to contribute to the book as well as a link to our indiegogo for pre-orders, since we want to finance the book ourselves. We are getting more and more excited about it the more we work on it. We hope to get it done by the end of the year and have it ready for sale in the first month or two of 2016. Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm. Enjoy my good friends, Enjoy!
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Chuck Treece interviewed in Philadelphia

Just a snippet of an interview we did with Chuck for the book while in Philly earlier this year… much more to be in print.


Underdog: April 8, 1989 Safari Club, Washington, DC

Just got a batch of incredible 80s-era Safari pics from photographer Joe Wongananda. Here’s a taste. Still seeking more. If you stood on stage with a camera, we’d love to hear from ya!

the story so far…

We have interviewed over 60 people since beginning this book last April. We have about 100 more to go, on our ‘wish list.’ If you are not on this already-interviewed list (below) and wish to be, please get in touch. We need you! We’ve done interviews via phone, email, Skype and in person using audio & video. We’d like to wrap all interviews by Spring 2012 to publish by the end of this year. Here’s a list of the cast of characters so far:

Billy Anderson: former 9:30 Club bouncer
Nathan Anderson: hardcore “kid”
Gabe Banner: Safari promoter
CF Best: The Cretins, Immoral Discipline Youth w/ Hair and Scooter Trash
Dave Brown: author/photographer of Adult Crash; former Vinyl Ink employee
Matt Burger: Worlds Collide singer
Rodney Butinelli: drummer: Parasite, Scooter Trash, Immoral Discipline
David Byrd: singer: Set to Explode; drummer: Barfight & For the Living
Martin Castro: Safari Club promoter
Dan Cav: bassist: Resurrection, Absolution
Dave Chelsea-Seifert: retired punk rocker & former hot dog vendor
Jordan Cooper: owner, Revelation Records
Chuck Copeland: former DC scenester, Original Hardcore Kid
John (Galbraith) Cornerstone: Safari Club promoter
Pat Crean: Goons guitarist; singer: Musicband
Gini Crowder: support staff/Safari Club door-woman
Alex Daniels: Swiz drummer
Sean Dorsey: music fan
Nam Dong: East Wind guitarist
Zac Eller: drummer: Worlds Collide, Bluetip
Lars Frederiksen: guitarist: Rancid, UK Subs; singer: Lars & the Bastards
Grant Garrettson: drummer: LDKids, HR band
Linas Garsys: artist
JR Glass: singer: Next Step Up & Bet the Devil
Andy Guida: drummer: Supertouch, Absolution
Steve Hart: guitarist: Day of Suffering
Chris Hartnett: band manager: Elegant Mess; owner IG Records
Karl Hedgepath: tattoo artist/owner Jinxproof Tattoos; Insted roadie
Dave Hooser: hardcore kid
Kenny Innouye: Marginal Man guitarist; former 9:30 Club booking agent
Colin Kelly: hardcore kid
Jason Kooken: hardcore fan
Mike Lars: guitarist, Gut Instinct
Chris Long (Chriscipline): drummer, Discipline
Tom Lyle: bassist, Government Issue
Alec MacKaye: Ignition vocalist
Jay Martin: doorman of Safari Club; Goerge Mason University DJ & promoter
Mike McTernan: Damnation A.D. singer
Michelle Mennona: photographer
Heidi Minx: Franky & Minx clothing designer; author Punk Rock Domestics
Toby Morse: H2O singer; former Sick of it All roadie
Ingrid Newkirk: PETA founder/director
Ken Olden: guitarist: Damnation A.D., Worlds Collide, Battery, Better than a Thousand, YOT
Anthony Olney: Barfight singer; drummer, Quill; former 9:30 Club doorman
Gabe Onrubia: hardcore kid
Jason Orr: singer: Press Your Luck; guitar: Benchmark
Jason Powell: guitarist & singer, Fury for Another
Sharie Powell: bassist, Fury for Another
Kurt Powers: Time Flies singer
Tru Prey: founder of Malfunction Records; show promoter
Dave Saulnier: hardcore kid
Walter Schreifels: guitarist: Gorilla Biscuits; singer: Quicksand & Rival Schools
Sammy Siegler: drummer: Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge
Arthur Smilios: bassist, Gorilla Biscuits, Token Entry; producer: Hot Water Music
Joe Songco: drummer, Outburst
Steve Squint: Bad Brains roadie
A.C. (Adam) Thompson: singer, Device
“Fat Rich” Warwick: drummer, Shark Attack
Joe Wongananda: photographer
Bryan Wassom: owner, Sunspot Records
Josh Woods: guitarist, Initial Reaction
Kevin Young: bassist, Device

Steve Squint & Grant Garretson (HR Band)

Steve & Grant share stories and compare the Safari Club to Fight Club. More of this lively interview will for sure be shared in the pages of the upcoming book “Live at the Safari Club”!


Tru Prey & Linas Garsys

Tru & Linas were show promoters in the late 90s and started Malfunction Records. They share a few stories with us on the Exorcist Stairs in Georgetown.

Matt Burger

On the roof of DC9, Matt of Worlds Collide says Safari Club was a good place to meet friends and future ex-wives.

Kurt Powers of Time Flies

We caught up with Kurt at the NYC BNB Bowl 2011. He shares his memories of going to shows at the Safari Club and almost playing what would have been the last Safari Club show…

Andy Guida (Supertouch; Absolution)

Andy Guida recalls Supertouch’s first trip to DC.

Heidi Minx

Heidi Minx migrated from Baltimore to New York. Here she shares an anecdote about Murphy’s Law at Safari Club. Heidi does a lot of great work with her organization, Built on Respect.

Live at the Safari Club is an uncensored oral history of one of Washington, DC´s most legendary underground music venues. From the late 80s to late 90s, it was home to matinee shows combining the best of NYHC with local and touring straight edge, oi, punk, metal and ska bands. Learn More

Share your flyers, photos and anecdotes about the Safari Club. If the Safari Club is a part of your history, then you are a part of its, too. And you'll get your name in print. Thanxxx!

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